Perk Caffeine Bracelets: An Energy Revolution

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  • "I used to love a good cup of Joe but the jitters and crashing were starting to make Joe and I enemies! Perk has been amazing. It gives me that consistent energy I’m looking for without the crashes. I still enjoy a decaf coffee from time to time for the taste but Perk is my go-to energy source from now on! Love it!"

    Mandy B

  • “Perk has helped me bring caffeine into my marathon training! I love the boost that caffeine gives my running but the best I could do before is chug an energy drink before my runs which did horrible things to my stomach and wore off halfway through my runs. Perk’s energy stays constant all the way through, all without the sloshing in my stomach!”

    Chris T

  • “As any university student will tell you, caffeine is like a way of life. With the papers and assignments piling up in my freshman year I would drink coffee after coffee. The problem is that the jitters made it hard for me to focus. The energy also seemed to fizzle out within a few hours and then it was back to the café line for me! Perk is awesome. It let’s me focus for hours and hours without having to get up to grab another coffee. Perk is the way to go for your long-term focus needs. Take it from an overworked student.”

    Rachel W

  • “I’m working as a nurse so shifts at work are totally unpredictable. Sometimes I’m up super late and I used to rely on coffee to get me though. Unfortunately, I HATE the taste of coffee and hid it with sugar and cream. I was actually starting to gain a bit of weight so I decided to give Perk a shot. I am very pleased with the results. My focus is as good as its ever been and my wife is thankful I’m not chugging liters of sugar and cream anymore! Perk rocks.”

    Rahul L

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Comes with 1 fashionable and durable Perk bracelet and 30 4-hour caffeine patches containing a patent-pending dry formulation. Perk is the ultimate wearable energy source for whatever life throws at you!
Perk is the first caffeinated wearable with a proprietary, gradual release technology that will have you feeling energy for 4 hours without the jitters or crash. It’s no wonder it has been called “better than coffee”!


How soon does the caffeine get absorbed and start working? How much caffeine is delivered with the patches?

The caffeine begins getting absorbed very quickly. An average person will feel it in 20 minutes after applying the patch. 1 patch will deliver roughly the same amount of caffeine as a medium cup of coffee.

Is the Perk bracelet safe?

The Perk bracelet is an extremely safe way to get your caffeine fix. It is based on the well-established transdermal technology. And will administers caffeine slowly and surely, it is actually less likely to give you adverse symptoms than oral alternatives.

Have there been safety studies performed on the bracelet?

The bracelet’s active patch has a similar formulation to a plethora of other transdermal caffeine patches that are have been tested safely. There are pure medical test published in reputable journals that studied and claimed the caffeine permeability through the skin.

Is the Perk bracelet durable?

Made from a high-grade TPE rubber, same quality as major fitness tracking devices on the market. Perk is very durable.

Will the patches stain my skin?

No! Due to the patent pending dry formulation, the patches will not leave any stains on your skin. And even more than that, they will not likely cause any irritation as other patch-based products on the market.

Where are the caffeine patches made?

Active part of the bracelet, the patch, is manufactured in the US on the FDA certified factory. The rubber bracelet is manufactured on one of the most reputable factories in China.