What is Perk?

Perk is the first ever bracelet capable of delivering caffeine directly through your skin and into your bloodstream. Perk achieves this with patent-pending transdermal technology contained in the replaceable patches it holds in contact with your skin.
Perk’s unique design allows these patches to be much smaller than other transdermals on the market as well as 100% dry and hypoallergenic. You could say that Perk makes transdermals sexy! Perk also delivers its caffeine stores gradually over 4 hours which eliminates crashing and jitters and leaves coffee and energy drinks in the dust when it comes to sustained energy and focus. Our reviews speak for themselves. You gotta try this thing…

Who Uses Perk?

“Perk is perfect for anyone who wants to live life with “oomph”. Life moves very fast and sometimes, to keep up we all need a little boost. Perk will give you energy for hours, instead of just in spurts like coffee or energy drinks. Who DOESN’T need as much clean energy as they can get during their waking hours?
The notion that Perk is right for almost everyone is supported by our customer base. What do blue collar workers, white collar workers, shift-works, students, truckers, nurses, construction workers, police and stay at home moms all have in common? They have all tried and love Perk!

Who Made Perk?

When people hear about Perk they expect its origin story to involve caffeine-addicted mad scientists. Actually, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. The team that developed Perk includes medical doctors and scientists who wanted to develop a caffeine source that enhanced all the good attributes of caffeine while eliminating the bad ones.
After painstaking research and multiple iterations the Perk we know today finally came to be. To the naked eye, Perk might just seem like a bracelet with some fancy stickers, but it contains sophisticated delivery technology that took countless late nights in the lab to get just right. Now, we’ve gotten it down to the a point where you get to enjoy it at less than $1 per session. Yay science!

The Perks of Using Perk

Using Perk brings with it many benefits. For example, Perk patches are made proudly in North Carolina, USA and were formulated by doctors to leave nothing to chance. They also contain gentle natural extracts instead of harsh chemicals to achieve their effects. But wait, there’s more! Check out these other perks of using perk:

4 Hours of Energy

Perk releases its caffeine gradually to keep you going for hours on end

No Jitters or Crashing

Perks gradually delivery means no jitters or crashing whatsoever

Zero Calories

Perk is calorie-free, sugar-free and free from artificial sweetners

No Stained Teeth

Perk keeps your teeth white and shiny, unlike teeth staining drinks like coffee.

Environmentally Considerate

With Perk, instead of throwing out bulky coffee cups, you will be throwing out tiny patches!


Transdermal technology has been used in medicine for many years because they are great for delivering ingredients directly and gradually into the bloodstream. We are a mission to take transdermals to a whole new level and make them enjoyable for everyone. But how do our transdermal patches really work?
The gradual release of ingredients is due to the fact that it is one’s body temperature that dissolves a structural material in the patches, which gradually allows the caffeine, green tea extract, guarana extract and taurine to enter the skin. That’s it! It might sound simple but believe us, it took a lot of R and D to get this process to where it is today. We really hope you enjoy the results of all the science that has gone into this little bracelet and patches.


One thing Perk really brings to the table when compared to coffee and energy drinks is convenience. With Perk you will experience, no brew times, no lines and as a side-benefit, no one misspelling your name on the side of your coffee cup!
Just peel your perk patch off its film, stick it on the bracelet and then snap on the bracelet. That’s all you need to do to start enjoying 4 hours of energy right away! When the patch has expired just throw it out and repeat the process above to recharge. We tried to make Perk as simple as possible to use for people like you - people on the go!

What People Are Saying About Us:

"Coffee is great, don't get me wrong. I just really started getting fed up with the crashing. When I look back, I'm also amazed at how many calories I was ingesting just to make coffee taste bearable. Perk is a really great alternative and I'm so glad I found it. No crash and no calories. Problem solved. I'm a big fan of the nice consistent energy I get from it as well. Perk is absolutely worth a try for very coffee drinker. Cindy
"Sports are my passion and I'm involved in at least a few year-round. I've always loved the extra boost I get from caffeine while on the field, but I gotta say, the feeling in my stomach while I was running around with coffee or energy drinks in it wasn't so good. When I found Perk I knew right away it was the perfect solution to get my caffeine in without having to worry about having an upset stomach while I'm trying to have fun. Perk is something every athlete should give a shot. It really works.Anthony
"I'm in the last year of my uni program and I can confidently sum up what got me through it all in just one word: "caffeine"! I used to hit the coffee and energy drinks hard to help me get through particularly long study sessions but the crashing they caused made it hard to sustain. Perk was an absolutely perfect solution to give me that pure focus for hours on end without the horrible crashing feeling at the end. Caffeine in general may have gotten me through my first 3 years of classes but Perk will be my go to source for my last for sure! Love it. Katrina
"I’m working as a nurse so shifts at work are totally unpredictable. Sometimes I’m up super late and I used to rely on coffee to get me though. Unfortunately, I HATE the taste of coffee and hid it with sugar and cream. I was actually starting to gain a bit of weight so I decided to give Perk a shot. I am very pleased with the results. My focus is as good as its ever been and my wife is thankful I’m not chugging liters of sugar and cream anymore! Perk rocks.Rahul

Your Satisfaction Is Our Main Concern

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