Our Story

Here at Beyond Nature Inc., we are obsessed with bringing the most innovative health and wellness products to market. Our company is made up a combination of MDs, PhDs and bio hackers that all love to invent and market products that improve people’s lives by providing unique value they can’t find anywhere else.

Energy is something we all need with the pace of life today and Perk is our way of improving lives by getting caffeine cheaper, more conveniently and without the downsides!


What Makes Perk Better than Coffee and Energy Drinks?

Caffeine is a beautiful thing. However, there are a number of downsides to indulging in this beautiful chemical in the traditional way: Drinking it.

Contrary to drinkable caffeine sources, Perk has the following benefits:

  • No crashing
  • No Jitters
  • No calories
  • No bad taste
  • No exorbitant costs
  • No hassle

Get Perk now and realize the clean, pure energy you’ve been missing out on. After you’ve tried Perk, you’ll never go back to black.