30 Extra Caffeine Patches Special

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These are the extra set of caffeine patches for the Perk bracelet. It comes with 30 4-hour caffeine, patches containing a patent-pending dry formulation. Perk is the ultimate wearable energy source for whatever life throws at you!

Perk is the first caffeinated wearable with a proprietary, gradual release technology that will have you feeling energy for 4 hours without the jitters or crash. It’s no wonder it has been called “better than coffee”!

The Perk System includes a high quality silicon bracelet and replaceable Caffeine patches that stick on the bracelet. This allows our formulation on the skin to be dry reducing irritation and increasing comfort compared to our competitors.

Perk eliminates lines, brew times and marked up pricing and gets you your sweet sweet caffeine efficiently and cost effectively. Live life with vigor and let Perk do the work!