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"Coffee is great, don't get me wrong. I just really started getting fed up with the crashing. When I look back, I'm also amazed at how many calories I was ingesting just to make coffee taste bearable. Perk is a really great alternative and I'm so glad I found it. No crash and no calories. Problem solved. I'm a big fan of the nice consistent energy I get from it as well. Perk is absolutely worth a try for very coffee drinker. Cindy
"Sports are my passion and I'm involved in at least a few year-round. I've always loved the extra boost I get from caffeine while on the field, but I gotta say, the feeling in my stomach while I was running around with coffee or energy drinks in it wasn't so good. When I found Perk I knew right away it was the perfect solution to get my caffeine in without having to worry about having an upset stomach while I'm trying to have fun. Perk is something every athlete should give a shot. It really works.Anthony
"I'm in the last year of my uni program and I can confidently sum up what got me through it all in just one word: "caffeine"! I used to hit the coffee and energy drinks hard to help me get through particularly long study sessions but the crashing they caused made it hard to sustain. Perk was an absolutely perfect solution to give me that pure focus for hours on end without the horrible crashing feeling at the end. Caffeine in general may have gotten me through my first 3 years of classes but Perk will be my go to source for my last for sure! Love it. Katrina
"I’m working as a nurse so shifts at work are totally unpredictable. Sometimes I’m up super late and I used to rely on coffee to get me though. Unfortunately, I HATE the taste of coffee and hid it with sugar and cream. I was actually starting to gain a bit of weight so I decided to give Perk a shot. I am very pleased with the results. My focus is as good as its ever been and my wife is thankful I’m not chugging liters of sugar and cream anymore! Perk rocks.Rahul

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